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The Morbid The Merrier ~ Halloween

September 2, 2010 1 comment

This is my second purchase from Lysa’s The Morbid The Merrier Etsy shop. Had to take advantage of some new Halloween products also buying a couple of things I’ve been eyeing up.

Like the first order everything came lovingly wrapped up in tissue and ribbons. Was so excited opening them, they were wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure no damage.

Ordered the Halloween Geist Candy Apple Lip Balm. Described as

Crisp tart apple + sticky, slightly spicy, gets-stuck-in-your-teeth candy coating.

Spot on, spicy apple. Never really too keen on lip balms, but this hasn’t left my side all day, have re-applied (not really needed to but just love it) again and again and again. It’s gorgeous. Really soft and moisturising. Got to buy more of this.

Also bought the Halloween Saucy Jack Perfume Oil Well priced at £12, really wasn’t too sure what this would be like described as :

Saucy Jack: Deep, dark, and resinous… redolent of stained and tattered petticoats, damp brick, and spilled blood in a London alleyway….

Had to buy this, love the Victorian era, and proud of London (live less than an hour away) cannot describe what notes this contains, but it’s feminine, and really beautiful. Not too strong, you won’t scare anyone away with a over-powering scent, would like to say it’s slightly flowery. Hmm.. not too sure. Whatever it is I like it.

Dessert Absinthe Solid Perfume costs $4.50 and comes in a roll-on container like a lip balm. lighter than the original absinthe scent TMTM offers. Described as:

Upon opening, the first notes are lemon, sugar, and anise – very reminiscent of a lemon sugar cookie. After wearing it for just a few minutes, however, the bottom notes emerge… woodsy, earthy, mysterious, and alluring.

Not over-powering, smells like a cake to me that needs some cream poured over it, yummy scent. Not a sexy scent like the Saucy Jack one, more of a comforting smell that will be nice in the upcoming winter months.

Natali Solid Perfume is the more subtle of the scents I ordered, smells just like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. A little faint, but pleased it is, chocolate scents can be a little too much on my skin, so it’s nice to have to sniff my arm rather than have a constant scent bothering me.

Described as:

Natali is a brooding yet comforting blend of sweet, spicy orange and dark, fragrant chocolate with a heart of vanilla and wood.

Overall, loved the Halloween pieces the most, have to buy the other products being offered for limited edition too. This is my fave company after Haus Of Gloi. And in my opinion should be right up there in the top Etsy sellers list. There’s samples in the shop, no doubt you’ll love everything to buy bigger sizes.  A must buy for sure.


New Halloween Haus Of Gloi Products

August 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Look on the brand new Haus Of Gloi website from today onwards for some new Halloween goodies.

New scents are:

PUMPKIN QUEEN: Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin flesh, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs, and lastly, a lovely crown of amber.

SAMHAIN: Rustling leaves, chilled winds …
Freshly turned earth, wet leaves, and a cool herb laden wind carrying spectres and spooks!

You’ve been bewitched! Lecherous: brackish amber, aged vanilla bean and three dark fruits, veiled in darkness and otherworldly secrecy.

A merry drink of harvest and glowing with warmth: Peach juice simmering with sweet spices, pumpkin, silken hazelnut cream and made completely curious with a drop of orange blossom water.

They will all be avaliable in soap form, bathing dust, perfume, bubbling scrub and the new thicker pumpkin butter cream.

There is also a new lip balm avaliable for limited edition too.

Everything sounds beautiful and going to have to make a big order, recently bought lots of HoG products, still loving this company.

Ten Digit Creations

July 6, 2010 2 comments

A Facebook friend recommended this company and have seen it reviewed at a few blogs, ordered Little Black Dress solid perfume and Vampire Venom lotion. Only took a couple of days for items to be sent.

Received a thank you note, both products, no sample.

Ten Digit Creations sell candles, wax tarts,  soap, lotion, sugar scrub, bath salts, perfumes, body mist, lip balm and room sprays.

Items received are well priced, the lotion cost $3.75 for 2oz, and the solid perfume was $4.50.

There is so many scents to choose from, have a look at their scent list here

Unto the items..

Vampire Venom Lotion

only a bite from Edward or Jacob could be so sweet…essences of honey, chocolate and caramel, blended with notes of vanilla, patchouli & sandalwood

I love love love this scent. The scent lingers all day, it’s almost fruity, and yet there is hint of spice. The lotion needs a little bit of rubbing in, it’s rich and a little thick. Need a little more applied after a few hours. Only little problem is it takes a bit of effort to get the actual lotion out, would be so much better in a tub where you dip your fingers in. Although used this a few times, and it looks like I’ve used hardly any, so it does last a long time.

When this runs out, will be buying more in this scent. Works well in the lotion.

Little Black Dress Solid Perfume

rich blackberry, ruby cassis, sugared apricots, violet petals, sweet heliotrope and burgundy roses with bottom notes of golden amber, velvety vanilla musk and smooth sandalwood

Very fruity, and nicely blended, cannot pick out the heaviest note in this, it’s more fruity than musky, the perfume lasts for a few hours, bit oily and takes a while for this to sink in. Might also be good to use as cuticle butter for the oils used.

All of the other scents sound awesome, will make a bigger order next week or so. Have my eyes on Sweet Orange And Chilli Pepper, Cinnamon Buns, and Fig & Melon.

20% Discount

Save 20% on your entire purchase Tuesday, July 6th through Tuesday, July 20th!! Enter code C I J 20 in the message box and checkout — YOU MUST ENTER THE CODE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE YOUR DISCOUNT!

Terms: Sale EXCLUDES all clearance items and shipping cost; cannot be combined with other offers; your discount will be manually refunded when your order is processed and packaged; sale ends July 20 at midnight EST.

Will be taking advantage of this, and this also applies on their own website.

Busy Buzzy Bees Lip Scrub & Perfume

Was looking for Etsy haul videos one night when bored and found this video from You Tuber iluvjesse444

Have wanted to buy a lip scrub after seeing them advertised on the Lush UK site. But trying to not use Lush products any more I’ve been hoping to find an alternative. I’ve made my own lip scrub before but I’ve wanted to try others.

Anyhow, after watching this video and deciding a lip scrub would be better in a tube rather than tub I went straight to the Busy Buzzy Bees site.

Ordered one tube of the Rootbeer lip scrub and also ordered Brown Sugar & Nutmeg solid perfume.

They were sent out within a day. There was no sample with my order.

The Rootbeer Lip Scrub

Have used this quite a few times and have not smelt or tasted rootbeer at all.

However, this really works, it’s a bit odd using it the first time but I just apply slowly like I would a lip balm, Only need a little amount, it’s easy to wash off afterwards, You are left with a fair bit of sugar around your mouth but I keep rubbing it into my lips.

Next time will buy a more fruitier tasting scrub as some flavour will add it to the experience. Really like this scrub, will be buying more when this runs out. For $3.50 it’s worth a go.

Brown Sugar & Nutmeg Solid Perfume

This is strong, no doubt this is nutmeg, but even for a spicy smell addict as myself, a little too strong when applied. Will be looking to mix this with other scents to try to even the heavy spice. I like it, but after about 30 mins I’m not so keen. Lasts for ages, all day. Cost $4, so will give another scent a try.

Wiggle Perfume Samples

July 2, 2010 7 comments

Spotted Wiggle Perfume at The Soap Box Company and perfumes sounded interesting but didn’t place an order, couple of days later I spotted them on a random Etsy search and spotted you can buy samples. ($1.50 each)

On Etsy Wiggle sell the samples, a few men scents, some special scents, and the usual scents in 5ml and 15ml bottles.

Ordered five in Black No 1, Sicily, Nicosia, Belle Marie and Penelope.

Took a few days to send my order. And then a week to get to the UK.

All perfumes were inside a plastic bag with a free sample of Selene included. Also there was a business card as in seen in the photo.

Will start with the sample first…


blended rich golden myrrh with red musk and blood orange essential oil. Heady lotus, night blooming jasmine, and olive blossom lend a narcotic femininity

This is floral, not as strong as Belle Marie, it’s very light and pretty. This is a brand new scent as it’s only just gone up on Etsy.


scent is dolled up with olive blossom, neroli, sambuca, and sandalwood. This perfume straddles the line between straw-hat outdoorsy and shiny-clean boutique posh.

For summer, can smell the neroli and sandalwood (not strong sandalwood) scent lingers for a long time. Very clean scent.

Black No 1

dark and sweet with a mix of blackberry, narcissus, violet, patchouly, and clove. There’s also a little hint of rain floating around in there

Yes it is a dark scent, and can smell all of those notes, a night scent which is utterly gorgeous and sexy.


Penelope is my spicy Spanish tribute, a blend of blood orange, chypre, black pepper, geranium and neroli. Anchored by the same luxurious musk I used in 27, it contains hints of saffron, honey, and oriental rose.

Another gorgeous summer type scent, slightly spicy, another fragrance which would be a great night time going out scent.


A blend of fig, olive blossom, clove, golden honey and sandalwood, this scent is all fresh breezes and dusky-haired women draped in sun-bleached cotton.

Really can pick out the honey in this, along with the fig. More daytime for me, reminds me just a tiny bit of the honey note in Haus Of Gloi’s Honey Tree.

Belle Marie

Belle Marie is a bewitching blend of absinthe, frangipani, kudzu blossom, magnolia, vetiver, oakmoss, and sweetgrass. It’s fresh and feminine, deceptively sweet and earthy with a barely-hidden dark side.

Another daytime floral scent, can make out the magnolia first then the frangipani. Not overly keen on floral, but this I do love. Described well, it is very fresh and sweet.


Would say Black No 1, Penelope and Nicosia are top of the best list. Good experience and glad I ordered samples first, would buy from Wiggle again, maybe a few more samples before moving onto the bigger bottles. Scents are all feminine and sexy and not overpowering.

Have had no sensitivity to using them.

Found Wiggle on Facebook. Just type in the search “Wiggle Perfume And Sundries”. You can check out pictures of the bottles all dressed up and get news on sales etc.

Red Leaf ~ Bubble Bath Dough

June 29, 2010 3 comments

Spotted this unique product on You Tube on a haul video. Liked the sound of using something slightly creamier than your typical bubble bar from Lush.

So I ordered one 4oz tub of sample dough for $3.50 from the Shop Red Leaf on Etsy  in the fragrance Vanilla Buttercream.

Described as

It’s all about the frosting! A rich and buttery vanilla scent that duplicates the cake frosting of the same name. Vanilla, cream, butter, caramel, and the tiniest hint of coconut combine to create a vanilla scent that’s a must for lovers of everything vanilla! Delicious!

It was sent out a day after ordering and took just over a week to get to the UK from Seattle. There was a couple of business cards, but no sample of anything else.

The dough is fairly soft, easy to crumble under water, does slide off your hands into water quickly and make a good amount of bubbles, it says on the tub to only put in small amount, i tried half a teaspoon worth and that gave me this amount of bubble:

In the tub the vanilla is true to it’s description, very nice. In the bath the scent disappeared a fair amount, only when i sniffed the actual bubbles did I smell anything.

The bath was moisturising, and no sensitivity occurred to bathing in the product. Overall you get at least 6 baths if you use tiny amount of the dough. The bigger tubs are £12 for 9oz.

The dough comes in the following scents: Vanilla Buttercream, Victorian Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Lettuce, Black Tea, Lavender, Plumeria Flower, Fresh Clover, Orange Sherbet, Beach, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, English Coast, and Basil Lime.

Follow Up : Summer Scents By Haus Of Gloi

June 26, 2010 10 comments

This week I received my summer scents sampler pack from Haus Of Gloi, they came in a little box filled with tissue paper and a free sample vial of Moon Dog and little Haus thank you card.

In the pack was four new summer only limited edition scents ($10), labelled and packed tightly so no leaks.

I already had high hopes for these new fragrances, so far have been very impressed with the quality and how long the scents actually last for, along with the unique scents themselves.

The pack contained the following vials:


Lemon cake made with the tang of fresh buttermilk, raspberry coulis – an otherwise innocent cake corrupted by cardamon and deceptive pink peppercorns.

Never been keen on lemon scents, find they end up making you smell like horrid cheap kitchen and bathroom cleaners. HOWEVER, this is a warm just baked lemon cake. Not artificial, and the lemon isn’t a sharp zesty note. And yes can imagine some raspberry coulis running down the side of the cake. A daytime fragrance oil that is really comforting and yummy. This would work well for me in perfume oil, soap and scrub.


Tart cranberry, pink grapefruit, sparkling champagne all shook up crushed with ginger root

Had this on today, which was a gorgeous very hot British humid day. And every so often got a little whiff of this, and loved it, Zazz is sparkling, very fizzy scent, never smelt anything like this before. Little bit of ginger root I can smell. Very summery and fun. In the vial I didn’t like it so much, but on my skin the fizziness becomes the sparkling as referred to. This would work best for me in perfume oil and soap.

Red Roan:

Fresh strawberry flecked porridge with maple syrup and adulterated with a splash of white cognac.

This is probably the least favourite, although saying that I do love it, just not as much as the other three. The strawberry works well with the maple syrup but for me I think I’d prefer this in a lotion rather than oil.

Insalata Nocturna:

In the night garden, green Bolivian lemon, rubbed tomato leaf, olive leaf absolute, black fig syrup and basil.

Before this arrived I was expecting not to like this so much, was expecting it to be herbal and not expecting it to be so fresh. This is why ordering samples works, because now I love this, it is fresh, and totally reminds me of Italy, slight edge of citrus takes me back to Verona and Lake Garda and the outside cafes a few years ago, it’s lighter than expected, and is a scent that would work well day or night. This would well in scrubs, perfume oil and lotion.

Overall, $10 gets you a good amount of perfume oil, some new addictive scents leaving me impressed as ever that I found the Haus.