Soap To Go ~ Suds N Such

July 12, 2010 2 comments

This was a random Etsy purchase a while back. Ordered a Soap To Go, which is basically soap in a tube!!

Meant to be used when out and about, instead of using public toilet soap. The lid makes sure no water escapes into your bag, found the soaps will dry quick enough for you not to worry about making a mess.

Smells of lime, but found after use there is a soap smell on my hands. Maybe next time will buy one of the soaps without essential oil.

Cost was $3.75 and sent fairly swiftly within a few days.

Received a business card, a free sample of Yuzu scrub and a card ~ collect 5 and you get free soap.

Worth a go, and soap works well. Check out the Etsy soap here.

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Grumpy Haul ~ Collective Haul

Have bought several Grumpy Girl products this year. Have tried every scent in different types of products, but here is a selection of just a few.

Found Grumpy Girl on You Tube, there is several GG haul videos there, and liked the way they were packaged and the excitement of trying the new scents. There’s wax melts, candles, soaps, various thickness of body butters, scrubs, lip balms, body sprays, and solid perfumes. Can buy samples of some of this products, and there is always a few free samples with each order. The scent list is here.

So, unto various products and my faves.

Booty Call Soap

Wholesome oats and sweet cream are infused with rich warm notes of honey and almonds and topped with a sprinkling of brown sugar.

All of the Grumpy soaps are very conditioning, lather up really well. and this soap in my honest opinion is best used in the Booty Call or 3 Bears scent. I always cut my soaps into little pieces because I’d prefer to swop and change soaps and not ruin them by sitting in a puddle of bubbles. The soaps have never let me down. All smell great. You get a huge piece of soap for around $5.50 (differs with some scents)

Booty Call itself reminds me a teeny tiny bit of Snowcake from Lush, that would be the almond scent, and it’s so nicely blended with the honey. This is one of those soaps you want to eat. It’s a bit scrubby, you’ll need to go easy on rubbing the actual bar on your skin.

Acid Trip Scrub

A meditative unisex blend of patchouli, sweet orange, lavendin, pine, lemongrass and elelmi, with notes of incense, amber and musk.

This is a dupe of Lush’s Karma. Spot on, in fact this is how I used to love Karma, found it’s become just a slight bit more sweeter over the years. And this is the Karma I fell in love with years ago. If you don’t know Karma : it’s like walking around on a sunday afternoon around Camden Town in London, incense and summer altogether.

The scrub itself lasts for a long time, you’ll find you don’t need a awful lot for one use, and this will last at least two weeks. Doesn’t leave any oils on your skin but it does feel soft.

Woodstock 69 Stick O Buttah

The ultimate hippie fragrance blend! A rich, beautiful blend, with an earthy hint of patchouli and sweet smell of nag champa

VERY hippie. Love this scent so much, and have sniffed my arms after using this so much, scent lingers fairly strongly, the butter is a bit greasy, you roll on the stick, and it’s up to you if you want to rub it in your skin, I tend to leave it on as I find my skin instantly is smooth. And because I love the scent so much. The butter will stay on your skin all day.

Porn Star In Pink Panties Body Spray

A complex scent of fresh bergamot, juicy citron, mingling with floral notes of neroli, jasmine and rose. Leading into the heart of the fragrance, are notes of sweet pear, plum, apricot, and red lyche, ending with base notes of sensual musk and cedarwood, with swirl of white chocolate and fluffy pink cupcakes.

This lasts friggin ages, used a few times and doesn’t look like I’ve used any at all. I would not recommend spraying under armpits, but over your arms, chest, stomach works well. Scent lingers all day, and find I prefer the Little Squirts body spray which is a much smaller product.

This scent is very strong, a perfume scent, and seems to be one of the more popular scents, very fruity.

Voodoo Berry Lip Crack

No description, but this is very berry, with slight black cherry included. The balms are soft and conditioning. I’ve had a few samples of this included with orders before rather than soap.

Plum Crazie Fluffy Stuff Soap

Rich, vibrant plums, raspberries, cranberry, citrus, apple, strawberry with a touch of vanilla, honey and rum.

This whipped soap is so soft and so easy to apply, a little goes a long way, and quickly lathers up. The scent doesn’t tend to last after it’s been washed off, but you’ll love it during a shower. The scent is so fruity and yummy. Can smell the raspberries and plum.

Let Them Eat Cake Goats Milk, Shea Butter & Honey Lotion

Rich, buttery Italian birthday cake topped with fluffy buttercream frosting.

My favourite of the lotions, it’s not too thick, lasts so long, and the scent always compliments the lotion. It easily soaks into skin, the scent is a yummy cake scent. Another you want to eat it scent.

Find I don’t need to re-apply this at all. By far my favourite product from Grumpy.

Check out the videos on You Tube and drool over the scent descriptions.

Edit :  Here is twixtbetwixt’s recent haul video

Don’t Bite Me

July 10, 2010 2 comments

Cooking pasta earlier tonight ended up in a rather nasty attack.

So… I’m there draining the pasta, minding my own business.

Pan in hand, I feel a sting, a real nasty pinprick.

Look down to my left leg, to find a huge, scary and damnright evil and quite frankly arrogant looking spider with it’s fangs in my leg.

How dare it. And where the heck did that come from.

Just managed to push it away from munching on my leg any further.

Evil Spider sat there looking up at me, with a smug look ready to pounce again. I was too quick for it though, and it soon found itself outside.

Luckily didn’t drop any pasta in my random UNPROVOKED spider attack.

This was about 9 hours ago, and I still every so often feel like I have a spider running along my skin. And a few times have just jumped at the thought of it. I’ve had like 3 phantom invisible spiders crawl along me whilst writing this, scarred for life.

Knightmares are in my future.

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Another Birthday Has Passed

July 9, 2010 5 comments

Thank god the day is over, starting to really dislike my birthday, every year I attempt to do something wacky, odd, special, and it never works out.

Was just any other day. Just changed a number that’s all.

Next year am not thinking about it in advance, and will try and make sure no one remembers it!!!!!

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Ten Digit Creations

July 6, 2010 2 comments

A Facebook friend recommended this company and have seen it reviewed at a few blogs, ordered Little Black Dress solid perfume and Vampire Venom lotion. Only took a couple of days for items to be sent.

Received a thank you note, both products, no sample.

Ten Digit Creations sell candles, wax tarts,  soap, lotion, sugar scrub, bath salts, perfumes, body mist, lip balm and room sprays.

Items received are well priced, the lotion cost $3.75 for 2oz, and the solid perfume was $4.50.

There is so many scents to choose from, have a look at their scent list here

Unto the items..

Vampire Venom Lotion

only a bite from Edward or Jacob could be so sweet…essences of honey, chocolate and caramel, blended with notes of vanilla, patchouli & sandalwood

I love love love this scent. The scent lingers all day, it’s almost fruity, and yet there is hint of spice. The lotion needs a little bit of rubbing in, it’s rich and a little thick. Need a little more applied after a few hours. Only little problem is it takes a bit of effort to get the actual lotion out, would be so much better in a tub where you dip your fingers in. Although used this a few times, and it looks like I’ve used hardly any, so it does last a long time.

When this runs out, will be buying more in this scent. Works well in the lotion.

Little Black Dress Solid Perfume

rich blackberry, ruby cassis, sugared apricots, violet petals, sweet heliotrope and burgundy roses with bottom notes of golden amber, velvety vanilla musk and smooth sandalwood

Very fruity, and nicely blended, cannot pick out the heaviest note in this, it’s more fruity than musky, the perfume lasts for a few hours, bit oily and takes a while for this to sink in. Might also be good to use as cuticle butter for the oils used.

All of the other scents sound awesome, will make a bigger order next week or so. Have my eyes on Sweet Orange And Chilli Pepper, Cinnamon Buns, and Fig & Melon.

20% Discount

Save 20% on your entire purchase Tuesday, July 6th through Tuesday, July 20th!! Enter code C I J 20 in the message box and checkout — YOU MUST ENTER THE CODE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE YOUR DISCOUNT!

Terms: Sale EXCLUDES all clearance items and shipping cost; cannot be combined with other offers; your discount will be manually refunded when your order is processed and packaged; sale ends July 20 at midnight EST.

Will be taking advantage of this, and this also applies on their own website.

Busy Buzzy Bees Lip Scrub & Perfume

Was looking for Etsy haul videos one night when bored and found this video from You Tuber iluvjesse444

Have wanted to buy a lip scrub after seeing them advertised on the Lush UK site. But trying to not use Lush products any more I’ve been hoping to find an alternative. I’ve made my own lip scrub before but I’ve wanted to try others.

Anyhow, after watching this video and deciding a lip scrub would be better in a tube rather than tub I went straight to the Busy Buzzy Bees site.

Ordered one tube of the Rootbeer lip scrub and also ordered Brown Sugar & Nutmeg solid perfume.

They were sent out within a day. There was no sample with my order.

The Rootbeer Lip Scrub

Have used this quite a few times and have not smelt or tasted rootbeer at all.

However, this really works, it’s a bit odd using it the first time but I just apply slowly like I would a lip balm, Only need a little amount, it’s easy to wash off afterwards, You are left with a fair bit of sugar around your mouth but I keep rubbing it into my lips.

Next time will buy a more fruitier tasting scrub as some flavour will add it to the experience. Really like this scrub, will be buying more when this runs out. For $3.50 it’s worth a go.

Brown Sugar & Nutmeg Solid Perfume

This is strong, no doubt this is nutmeg, but even for a spicy smell addict as myself, a little too strong when applied. Will be looking to mix this with other scents to try to even the heavy spice. I like it, but after about 30 mins I’m not so keen. Lasts for ages, all day. Cost $4, so will give another scent a try.

No More Squirty Shower

So yay the shower cord got fixed, have shower working.

Cleaned up the gazillion flies. In the stupid friggin heat.

Woke up to find my sons hamster had died in the night. He was about a year old. We buried him and said goodbye. Bless him he was so friendly and just stayed still on my sons arms when he held him the last year. Awww. Gone to hamster heaven to run around in a big hamster wheel.

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