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The Morbid The Merrier ~ First Impressions

June 10, 2010 2 comments

On a search of Bath and Beauty products on Etsy I found a number of listings of unique products from one seller. The packaging immediately from this shop caught my eye, everything has a carnival theme, and slightly Victorian. Straight away the name of the shop: The Morbid The Merrier gives you the overall idea of what Lysa (the owner) is trying to achieve. And she does it well.

Within a week and a half my order was bought, sent and delivered from the US to the UK, lovingly packaged like a gift, covered in a purple tissue paper and wrapped at the end with little frilly black ribbons, I also received a couple of business cards (one a thank you card) and a few candy sweets (Which my son loved and eat within 10 minutes of being home from school!!!)

I ordered: Maximo Solid Perfume ($4.50) in Limited Edition packaging described as:

A complex and beautiful blend of sweet cocoa, spicy black pepper, earthy patchouli with a heart of vanilla and wood.

This is the product which contained the cocoa scent I can smell. Don’t let the thought of a strong cocoa scent put you off though, within minutes of applying the perfume the chocolate scent was replaced with lovely warm vanilla and dark spice notes. The scent lasted for quite a few hours on my skin without re-applying.

For $4.50 (which is about £3.09) really is a bargain. This product is well worth the money, can see this product will last me a long while. And the fragrance is so unique I think in the future I will definitely buy the $12 perfume oil.

The other product I received in the tissue wrapping was:  Absinthe Solid Perfume (again $4.50 in Ltd Ed packaging) Scent description:

Notes of anise, citrus, a tiny bit of sugar, and a hint of wood. This fragrance is heady, but delicate – powerful, yet ethereal. Definitely absinthe, but you won’t smell like a licorice whip. Perfect for men or women.

I’ve never bought any absinthe beauty products before, was a little unsure of what I’d receive, but I wanted to try the things that made me the most curious first. I’m so pleased I did purchase this product, it is very delicate even complex. And it’s not overpowering licorice I can smell, my son always has a whiff of my new products and he said he could pick out the citrus in this and actually he’s right. Lysa has described this perfectly, so I can’t add onto that description except to say it’s like nothing I’ve smelled before. All day I’ve been warming to the scent as I pick out different notes.

If Lysa decides to do any lotions, I’ll be buying some in this scent, but can imagine going through a lot of it in the winter months, not that I’m complaining I really love it.


Overall, would I buy again from TMTM? Yes, I’m going to be making a order soon. The products are very unique, fresh, fun, and the way they are delivered makes you feel special for those few minutes you open everything up and try each item out. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to see what other scents will surprise me.

The Morbid The Merrier owns 28 fragrances and applies them to soaps, lip balms, perfume oil, solid perfumes, bath salts and dry oil spray. There’s also a section to buy samples of the perfume oil at $2 each for a 1ml vial which is useful if you want to try several scents but are unsure if these products will work for you.