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Latherati ~ Book Inspired Body Products

Found Latherati on Etsy during a random search for unique and different perfumes and soap. Every scent is based on books, every product has a scent description, the inspiration (title and author of book) and a brief description of the book.

I placed my order one week ago and it took one week exactly to get to the UK, I know the package was shipped day after purchase. I also received a convo from the owner to say thanks for the order and my order was being shipped out.

I ordered Wishing roll-on perfume oil, Gloom Soap, and received a free sample of Beguile lip luster.

After opening the package envelope my order looked like this, everything was enclosed in black tissue paper.

Gloom Soap

The soap came in a little cardboard box, with ingredients on a sticker on the side, the box was made to look like a book, clever little idea. When I opened the soap box I could smell the incense along with the floral rose which work well together, Gloom is a very unique scent, it is very strong, but I was expecting that.

Scent description is as follows:

rich vanilla, hints of rose and honey with dusky notes of nag champa incense

Cannot smell any vanilla before using the soap, but during use the vanilla is more prominent and mixes well with the strong incense smell, in fact it kinda takes away the strong incense, overall the scent is very nice, very unique, very nag champa and if you like heady scents you’ll love this, I do so it works well for me.

The soap lathers up quickly and you get a good deal of bubbles, scent lingers after use. Skin felt clean after use, but not particularly moisturised. All soaps are priced at $5 each for a 5 ounce bar. Will buy another soap scent to fully judge if this soap is for me. There is samples called Book Endz for $5 you get 5 soap samples, i will order this next time.

Wishing Roll On Perfume

Each roll on tube consists of 9ml of perfume oil, it rolls on easily with a good amount left on your skin.

Scent description is:

A blend of rich vanilla, spicy cinnamon and a hint of magic.

This is my favourite of the two scents, gorgeous vanilla and the right amount of spice. Slight element of fruit included. The scent does last a good few hours, and is not overpowering at all. But if you like that occasional slight whift of fragrance you get when you move around this is for you. Priced at $5 for 9ml you get a lot of oil for your money. Would recommend this product and will order more.

Beguile Lip Luster

This is amazing, now I don’t like lip balms very often, I hate gloopy balms that leave your lips sticky and far too oily. This however, is just right for me. It’s moisturising and leaves a noticeable soft finish. There isn’t any flavour I can taste, but can smell the scent of:

lavender mint

Leaves a teeny tiny peppermint tingle on my lips, and have no problems re-applying. REALLY recommend this. It’s priced at $3.50 and would be making a order maybe in the “Classic” scent of vanilla almond.


I would buy from Latherati again, would like to try their lotion, read shop feedback and the lotions have got good reviews. Not sure about the soap if honest, will need a few days of trying it to see if it’s moisturising enough for me, but happy to try different scents to test this out. Everything else is brilliant, lovely scents all round, well priced and generous amount of products, fantastic lip balm sample. Great packaging and overall theme for the shop.

EDIT: Sorry about the quality of the pics, will be getting new camera soon 🙂