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Currently Craving…

Products on my wish list:

Depravity Soap Haus Of Gloi

Spices, amber, coconut. Sounds ideal for me.

Twice Is Nice Emulsifying Sugar Scrub Haus Of Gloi

Buttery sugar cookie, almond. YUM!!!!

Bubble Bath Dough ShopRedLeaf

In probably the Vanilla Buttercream scent. A new way to make bubbles!!

“Smookie Monster” from Shirty Shirt Shirt

Being a Lost / smoke monster fan, this really is my sort of shirt!!!!!!!

Gloom Soap Latherati Soap

Vanilla, rose, honey, and nag champa. Sounds unique and delicious.

Just a few things I have my eye on, and with my birthday coming up, might get treated to them. My fingers are crossed!!!!