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No More Squirty Shower

So yay the shower cord got fixed, have shower working.

Cleaned up the gazillion flies. In the stupid friggin heat.

Woke up to find my sons hamster had died in the night. He was about a year old. We buried him and said goodbye. Bless him he was so friendly and just stayed still on my sons arms when he held him the last year. Awww. Gone to hamster heaven to run around in a big hamster wheel.

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For Fudge Sake.

July 3, 2010 2 comments

This evening has been bad.

Really friggin crappy bad.

Firstly was having a late night shower, was in a bit of a hurry ~ wanted to watch something on TV live, and gave myself 35 mins to shower and be ready in time for said live TV thingy.

And halfway through washing felt something pop. And the shower cord/pipe started squirting out water in three different directions. Also noticed on the base of the pipe there was a balloon of water building up. Then only half of the normal amount of water from the showerhead came out.

My shower is half shower half bath mixer. And is all combined so cannot simply remove the cord it will need someone to come do that.

But it’s now Saturday.

And the Estate Agent who I rent from is not the quickest person getting things done. I just KNOW she won’t get someone out on a Saturday to fix this.

We’re in the middle of a rare English summer. Need my friggin shower working and not squirting water all over the friggin floor.

Rang my dad to basically just let off steam and he didn’t understand the stress of no shower until next week. Or my anxiety over it all.


So a few hours later, I go upstairs to make my bed. The bedroom window has been open all evening, and my window is by a outside light which is left on all night.

I switch light on to find 23,473 little flies (give or take one or two), daddy long legs, all sorts having a insect orgy by my light. ARGHHHHHHH. Underneath my light is my bed.

Just thinking of how many flies have dropped onto bed is driving me nuts.

May have to sleep on the couch tonight until I throughly clean bedroom out tomorrow.

Ah for feck sake. Normally wouldn’t mind. But know tomorrow I will be trying to find a way of making shower work. Last thing I wanna think about is going on a mad fly hunt too.

Petty I know but it’s nearly 2am. Tired, been a hot day and so friggin frustrated.

Poxy flies and squirty showers. 😦