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It’s Cold Outside..

September 12, 2010 6 comments

Daylight in the UK ending at around 8pm at the moment, suddenly noticed it’s got flipping freezing too. Cannot believe it’s as late as September. This summer has gone so quick, and as usual our summer ended around June time, just average days without much heat.

Had a odd summer, have been single for many years and recently started wondering if I should actually be with someone, having my doubts about it, but certainly more open to meeting a new man. Miss having someone around, miss missing someone. Really started to change thinking differently about lots of aspects to my life.

Felt guilty not posting on here, haven’t bought as many different products last two months, had awful experience with one company, put a whipped soap on my skin, within 30 seconds my entire chest and arms looked like I had been out in the sun for 10 days solid. Was burnt .. BIG time.

Been buying lots of Haus Of Gloi, still 100% addicted to their products, only Elevenses is the one scent I’m not keen on, but then I don’t like tea smells. Been buying all the limited edition and Reverie products. Will do a review of the Halloween items that should be on my doorstep in the next day or two I hope.

Anyone who stills read this say Hi, have noticed I’ve had a lot of hits but have really struggled recently posting anything anywhere. Even Facebook friends are asking where I have been!!

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Follow Up : Summer Scents By Haus Of Gloi

June 26, 2010 10 comments

This week I received my summer scents sampler pack from Haus Of Gloi, they came in a little box filled with tissue paper and a free sample vial of Moon Dog and little Haus thank you card.

In the pack was four new summer only limited edition scents ($10), labelled and packed tightly so no leaks.

I already had high hopes for these new fragrances, so far have been very impressed with the quality and how long the scents actually last for, along with the unique scents themselves.

The pack contained the following vials:


Lemon cake made with the tang of fresh buttermilk, raspberry coulis – an otherwise innocent cake corrupted by cardamon and deceptive pink peppercorns.

Never been keen on lemon scents, find they end up making you smell like horrid cheap kitchen and bathroom cleaners. HOWEVER, this is a warm just baked lemon cake. Not artificial, and the lemon isn’t a sharp zesty note. And yes can imagine some raspberry coulis running down the side of the cake. A daytime fragrance oil that is really comforting and yummy. This would work well for me in perfume oil, soap and scrub.


Tart cranberry, pink grapefruit, sparkling champagne all shook up crushed with ginger root

Had this on today, which was a gorgeous very hot British humid day. And every so often got a little whiff of this, and loved it, Zazz is sparkling, very fizzy scent, never smelt anything like this before. Little bit of ginger root I can smell. Very summery and fun. In the vial I didn’t like it so much, but on my skin the fizziness becomes the sparkling as referred to. This would work best for me in perfume oil and soap.

Red Roan:

Fresh strawberry flecked porridge with maple syrup and adulterated with a splash of white cognac.

This is probably the least favourite, although saying that I do love it, just not as much as the other three. The strawberry works well with the maple syrup but for me I think I’d prefer this in a lotion rather than oil.

Insalata Nocturna:

In the night garden, green Bolivian lemon, rubbed tomato leaf, olive leaf absolute, black fig syrup and basil.

Before this arrived I was expecting not to like this so much, was expecting it to be herbal and not expecting it to be so fresh. This is why ordering samples works, because now I love this, it is fresh, and totally reminds me of Italy, slight edge of citrus takes me back to Verona and Lake Garda and the outside cafes a few years ago, it’s lighter than expected, and is a scent that would work well day or night. This would well in scrubs, perfume oil and lotion.

Overall, $10 gets you a good amount of perfume oil, some new addictive scents leaving me impressed as ever that I found the Haus.

Haus Of Gloi Summer Limited Editions

June 14, 2010 1 comment

Only recently discovered Haus Of Gloi (review coming up next day or so) so far very impressed with quality of products and of the scents.

Tonight 5pm PST they will release 4 brand new summer Ltd Edition scents:

  1. Beguiled
  2. Insalata Nocturna
  3. Red Roan
  4. Zazz

Also believe they will release a very limited Black Cherry (single note) soap too.

For scent descriptions look here at the Haus Of Gloi blog. Bookmark them for up to date news or follow Britton (the owner) on Twitter

This summer will consist of….

June 11, 2010 2 comments
  • Another birthday. (BOO)
  • Finally watching Inception, waited 8 months to see this film, cannot wait, really hope it is the film of the year. Leonardo DiCaprio looks delicious in the trailers.
  • Getting a few personal things finally finished and hopefully a new start with a few parts of my life.
  • More of watching my son on the XBOX no doubt.
  • Tidying up the garden, it needs to be done but I just block out the overgrown grass and general messiness but it’s driving me nuts.
  • Hoping it isn’t too hot, cannot stand real humid British weather.
  • Chasing out the flies that seem to wait for doors and windows to open.
  • Watching the final British Big Brother, always been a fan and sad to see this show end, really hope it delivers this year, the past few years have been a bit dull.
  • Enjoying looking on Etsy for new soaps and perfumes, love it when you find something that catches your attention, working out what to buy, waiting for the email to say it’s been sent, and then waiting and receiving said items, and opening them up. Just love it.
  • Working my way through all seasons of Lost, from the beginning. Now we have answers, cannot wait to see what hints we missed.
  • Going to London one day, miss London so much, last few times visited there I didn’t stay for long.