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Grumpy Girl “Cranky Cups”

Bought a few of these, and just got round to heating up my second Cranky Cup in the scent: Candied Toffee Crunch, it’s a nice warm day and with the windows open the scent is working it’s way through the house. It’s a strong scent, but not overpowering.

Cranky cup’s are like the Tarts you buy from Yankee Candles, they are little melts that when burned release a scent to fill your room. Have a little tealight underneath the the top and that’s what warms the cranky cups.

Smells a bit like a Dime Bar, imagine splitting it in half, and you can smell the toffee, chocolate and caramel, exactly like that.

Have a normal sized tart-warmer so I split my Cranky Cup’s in half to burn. Half will get me at least 10 hours burning time.

Have a few of these little cups and defently will get some more, there’s many scents to choose from.

Grumpy Girl sells each Cup for $1.90 each (around £1.30) and if you buy during the “PMS Sale” (once a month, get it?!!!) you get 20% off your product order. Sign up to Grumpy Girl Newsletters to find out when each sale takes place, or “like” GG on Facebook HERE

Based in Franklin, KY. Grumpy Girl sells candles and bath and body products, most of the body products are the same scent as the wax melts, there’s around 50 different scents, along with seasonal scents, and are avaliable in Body Sprays, Soap, various Body Scrubs sizes, Lotions, Solid Perfumes, and Lip Cracks (balm)

Products tend to take around a week to two weeks to be freshly made, then add on a week for US to UK shipping. Usually get my orders around three weeks after placement, along with a couple of soap samples or lip balm. A toy and candy or chocolate.