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This summer will consist of….

June 11, 2010 2 comments
  • Another birthday. (BOO)
  • Finally watching Inception, waited 8 months to see this film, cannot wait, really hope it is the film of the year. Leonardo DiCaprio looks delicious in the trailers.
  • Getting a few personal things finally finished and hopefully a new start with a few parts of my life.
  • More of watching my son on the XBOX no doubt.
  • Tidying up the garden, it needs to be done but I just block out the overgrown grass and general messiness but it’s driving me nuts.
  • Hoping it isn’t too hot, cannot stand real humid British weather.
  • Chasing out the flies that seem to wait for doors and windows to open.
  • Watching the final British Big Brother, always been a fan and sad to see this show end, really hope it delivers this year, the past few years have been a bit dull.
  • Enjoying looking on Etsy for new soaps and perfumes, love it when you find something that catches your attention, working out what to buy, waiting for the email to say it’s been sent, and then waiting and receiving said items, and opening them up. Just love it.
  • Working my way through all seasons of Lost, from the beginning. Now we have answers, cannot wait to see what hints we missed.
  • Going to London one day, miss London so much, last few times visited there I didn’t stay for long.